Salman Khan Tere Bina Song Teaser Out Now, Actor Put Maharashtra Police Logo in DP

Salman Khan is releasing the second song Tere Bina ... in lockdown whose teaser has been released.

Salman Khan Tere Bina Song Teaser Out Now
Salman Khan Tere Bina Song Teaser Out Now

 Salman Khan Tere Bina Song Teaser Video

Superstar Salman Khan's second song is about to be released amidst Corona virus lockdown. Salman Khan has released the teaser of the second song 'Tere Bina ...'. Earlier Salman Khan shared a video about this song, in which Jacqueline Fernandes and Salman were talking about the song. Now in this 32-second teaser, special bonding between Salman Khan and Jacqueline is seen.

The special thing is that this song is also sung by Salman Khan and soon the song will be released. The song is also shot in the actor's Panvel farm house, where Salman Khan is staying with some family members and Jacqueline-Lulia. Many pictures and videos of both of them from the farm house have gone viral on social media. Recently, Salman also sent ration kits for poor people from here.

Apart from releasing the teaser of this song, Bhaijaan has also celebrated Mother's Day. While releasing the teaser, Salman has written - 'Tere Bina ... Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.' Also, people associated with this song have also been tagged in it, including Jacqueline, Ajay Bhatia, Shabbir Ahmed etc. Earlier Salman Khan released a song in his voice, which was to raise awareness about the corona virus.

Salman Khan Put Maharashtra Police Logo in Instagram DP

Salman Khan is helping people a lot in this era of corona virus. Salman is helping in sending money to the bank accounts of the needy people as well as sending ration kits and has donated crores of rupees so far. Now Salman removed his photo from Twitter account and put the logo of Maharashtra Police. Before this, Salman has been changing the profile pick for his film promotion.

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