Instagram Rich List 2020 - Who at #1? How Much Earn? Indians?

Instagram Rich List 2020 - Dwayne Johnson is number 1. Social media company Hopper has released an annual list of grossing celebrities on Instagram.

Instagram Rich List 2020
Instagram Rich List 2020


How much can someone earn from a post on Instagram? So much that your eyes will be opened after hearing the amount. Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson earns the same amount by posting one on Instagram, the amount that many of our Bollywood stars charge for doing a film.

Top 10 Instagram Rich List 2020 Worldwide
  1. Dwayne Johnson – 188 million followers – $1,015,000 (£819,683) per post
  2. Kylie Jenner – 183 million followers – $986,000 (£796,264) per post
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – 225 million followers – $889,000 (£717,929) per post
  4. Kim Kardashian – 176 million followers – $858,000 (£692,895) per post
  5. Ariana Grande – 191 million followers – $853,000 (£688,857) per post
  6. Selena Gomez – 180 million followers – $848,000 (£684,819) per post
  7. BeyoncĂ© Knowles – 149 million followers – $770,000 (£621,828) per post
  8. Justin Bieber – 139 million followers – $747,000 (£603,254) per post
  9. Taylor Swift – 135 million followers – $722,000 (£582,747) per post
  10. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior – 139 million followers – $704,000 (£568,219) per post

Social media company Hopper has released Instagram Rich List 2020, an annual list of grossing celebrities on Instagram. According to this list, Dwayne is number one and earns $ 1,015,000, or about Rs 7.4 crore, from one of his posts on Instagram. For the first time in four years, no Kardashian or Jenner topped, Mirror Online reported. Johnson's earnings grew 15 percent, while socialite businessman Kylie Jenner saw a 22 percent drop in earnings.

Dwayne Johnson has an account called The Rock on Instagram and has 188 million followers. he is followed by many Bollywood celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Athiya Shetty, Rajkumar Rao, Siddharth Malhotra. Priyanka Chopra's number is 28th in this list. Priyanka earns more than $ 2,89,000 i.e. Rs 2 crore from an Instagram post.

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Priyanka has 54.3 million followers on Instagram. Those who follow him include from Amitabh Bachchan to Varun Dhawan. Priyanka made her Hollywood debut with Baywatch from the film Baywatch. Priyanka's husband Nick Jonas has also worked with Dwayne in Jumanji series films.


Instagram Rich List 2020 Indian

In this list, cricketer Virat Kohli comes before Priyanka Chopra. Virat is on the 26th number and earns more than $ 2,96,000 i.e. Rs 2 crore per Instagram post. There is not much difference between Priyanka and Virat's earnings. Virat has 66 million followers on Instagram. There is no other Indian in the top 100 positions in this list.

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