Sushant Singh Rajput Removed From These 3 Films?

Sushant Singh Rajput Removed From These 3 Films? - There are many such theories going on social media in which it is said that due to the spread of nepotism and nepotism in Bollywood, they were removed from many films. However, Sushant himself told the truth of these reports.

Sushant Singh Rajput Removed From These 3 Films
Sushant Singh Rajput Removed From These 3 Films?

Ever since the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, many such theories have been circulating on social media, in which it is said that due to the spread of nepotism and nepotism in Bollywood, he was removed from many films. 

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Due to this, stars like Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh started trending on social media. However, Sushant himself gave a clarification about these films in his interview. You know those films which have caused confusion among fans.

1. Befikre

Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor were seen in this romantic comedy film of the Yash Raj banner. Many liplock scenes of Ranveer and Vaani were also successful in this film. However, the film proved to be a flop at the box office. 

There were many rumors that Ranveer was taken out of Sushant from this film, but Sushant, while clarifying in one of his interviews, said that I want to say clearly that I was never offered a free film.

 He further said - but even if I had to offer this film, I would not have done this film. I am not saying this because if this film flopped then it has become easy for me to say. Actually, if a banner like Yash Raj gives me a film like Detective Byomkesh Bakshi which is made by a director like Dibakar Banerjee, then I would definitely like to do such a film because Dibakar has a very different view of this classic film. 

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2. Half Girlfriend

Ever since Sushant's suicide, many fans shared different articles on social media stating that Sushant Singh Rajput was the first to work in Half Girlfriend directed by Mohit Suri. But he was removed and given this film to Arjun Kapoor.

 Already furious over nepotism, fans started trending Arjun Kapoor on social media. Half Girlfriend writer Chetan Bhagat had also informed that Sushant will play the lead role in this film, but Sushant had cleared the confusion about the film in one of his earlier interviews.

Sushant had said in an interview given to DNA, I had given dates to Dinesh Vijan's film Rabta long back. It was a matter of time when I was not even offered a half-girlfriend. Meanwhile, there was some confusion and we were told that we can shoot both films simultaneously. 

But this could not be done because both the directors wanted to shoot in a particular month. So since I had said yes to Dinesh's film earlier, I had to refuse Mohit Suri's half-girlfriend. Those who think that I have left half-girlfriend, then they can think so. I do not care for the opinion of such people.

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3. Fitoor

Sushant talked about the film Fitoor in this interview. The film was directed by Abhishek Kapoor, who was the director of Sushant's first film. There was a buzz on social media that Aditya Roy Kapoor was replaced by Sushant in this film but Sushant had said that 'people also feel that I was separated from my mentor Abhishek Kapoor's film Fitoor along with Half Girlfriend . but it's not like that.'

He further said that 'I was told that this film will start in October, so I kept myself free. Fitoor was the first film in my career that I said yes without reading the script because it was Gattu's (Abhishek Kapoor) film and I like him very much as a director. 

He is very passionate about his work. So I started preparations in September. Then October came, November also went but the film could not start. On 15 December, I decided that I will work in the film Pani and may work in Fitoor but I did not leave that film. I waited several months for that film.

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